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Basic one day course on ice - Solda glacier

In this course, we learn how to behave correctly on glacier and alpine tours. The crossing is done by snow slopes and crashes, crevasse rescue, knots and cords, and the like.



Weekend basic course on ice with summit

for beginner and advanced

Date: July to September

Sat.   Meeting point at the valley station of the cable car at Solda. During the day on the glacier, the crossing of firn slopes and braking will be practiced, also crevasse rescue, knots and cords, etc. special wishes can be taken into account here become. Overnight stay at the Schaubach hut.
Sun.   Glacier tour to the Suldenspitze 3376 m in about 5 hours, here the learned is deepened again in practice.


Ice Course with easy glacier summits - Martello Valley

Base course for beginners

Date: 04 - 10 July

An alpine adventure week in the Stelvio National Park with glaciated 3000s and as a conclusion the ascent of the Cevedale 3769 m with a fantastic panoramic view from the Ortler to the Dolomites. The ideal entry to first experiences on the glacier too collect, and get acquainted with crampons and rope.



Sunday   Meeting point in the car park of the Martellerhut (material cable car) at the end of the Val Martello valley at 15.00 h. After loading the luggage ascent past the Zufallhut and the old dam to the Martellerhut 2610 m in about 2 hours, dinner and briefing.
Monday   Ice course at the Fürkeleferner. In this course you will learn how to behave correctly on glacier and alpine tours. The crossing of firn slopes is practiced with and without crampons, braking of falls, crevasse rescue, knots and rope science, map reading, material science, safety techniques.
Tuesday   Tour to the Marmotta peak 3330 m
From Marteller hut the path leads past the Konzenlacke. Via a lateral moraine we follow the stony path through rocky landscapes shaped by the glacial cut. At the beginning of the Hohenferner we rope up and climb with crampons over the almost columnless Ferner to the ridge. Following the ridge in easy climbing we reach the small wooden cross of the Köllkuppe.
approx. 750 meters in altitude
Wednesday   Cima Venezia 3356 m
First we follow the well marked glacierway eastwards from the Martellerhut. Via a steep lateral moraine we reach a high valley with small glacier lakes. Before reaching the Schranferner we overcome still a rock bolt then it continues in the rope and with crampons the Ferner to shortly below the summit. The last meter leads over blocked terrain to the summit of the eastern summit of the Cima Venezia.
Altitude: approx. 800 m
Thursday   Suldenspitze 3376 m
Over the heavily rugged Zufallferner we climb up to the 3 cannons (remnants of the Ortler front from the First World War) and then wegreach the Casatihütte 3254 m (luggage depot). In the afternoon ascent to the nearby Suldenspitze 3376 m and back to the Casatihütte (overnight stay). On the way there will be practical exercises on the glacier carried out.
approx. 850 meters in altitude
Friday   Cevedale 3769 m – Zufallspitze 3757 m
Climb over the column-rich Zufallferner to the large edge column. Over a steep uphill we reach the ridge and shortly after the summit of the Cevedale. Then we cross to Zufallspitze and descend over a rocky ridge to the Fürkeleferner and on to the Martellerhut 2580 m.
approx. 650 meters in altitude
Saturday   Departure





Ice course on the Ortler

Basic course related to practice

Date: 06 - 08 August

A first step from touring to glacier mountaineering in the ice offers this basic course in the Ortler area. The Suldenferner is ideal for ice rides: like crevasse rescue, walking in steep ice, slowing down of ridges, Handling of the ice pick, safety equipment, rope technique in ice, material science and orientation.



Friday   Meeting at 8.45 h a.m. at Sulden on the cable car valley station and ascento to the Schaubachhut 2562 m. Today we spend on Suldengletscher with practical training; different ascending techniques with and without crampons in ice and firn, Fuse techniques, deceleration of falls, crevasse rescue, create track on the glacier and ropes and knot exercises. Tour planning with guides and maps, Meteorology, material science and orientation is also part of the training during the week.
Saturday   Climb over the Sulden glacier to the Suldenspitze 3376 m with a magnificent panoramic view of Königspitze, Zebru and Ortler. During the ascent various exercises (sliding exercises, and slowing down falls with pimples). Descent to Casatihütte 3254 m and in the afternoon visit of the famous 3 cannons from the First World War. Overnight at the Casatihütte.
Walking time 5 hours, ascent approx. 800 m
Sunday   Climb to Cevedale 3769 m and Zufallspitze 3757 m, for experience walking in steeper ice collect, descend to the Casathütte and continue over the Langenferner to the Eisse pass and the Schaubach hut. Departure to Sulden and departure.
Walking time 5 - 6 hours, ascent approx. 600 HM







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