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Hiking and Trekking Tours 2018, hikes from hut to hut



The Merano High Trekking Route - Alta Via di Merano

Date: 08 - 13 July / 19 - 24 August / 16 - 21 September

The Merano High Trekking Route is one of the most beautiful in the whole Alpine area. With relatively small differences in altitude, to a certain extent it connects the high mountain climate of the Texelgruppe and the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Merano basin. As if from a panorama terrace you can view Vinschgau valley, the Merano basin, the Passeiertal valley as well as the Sarntal valley, Stubai and Ötztal Alps. On a clear day you feel you can reach out and touch the Dolomites, the Brenta group and the Ortler-Cevedale massif. You can also experience at first hand the world of the mountain farmers, who have laboured for centuries to make this mountain and pasture landscape hospitable. In addition, the route leads around and through the 33,000 hectare large Texelgroup Nature Park, passing lakes, valleys and peaks. This is an excellent way of becoming acquainted with the vast range of contrasts characteristic of this mountain world.





Ortles Trekking Tour

Date: 15 - 21 July

The Ortler Group itself is not a very big mountain group, but nonetheless a very attractive one for the ambitioned mountaineer: almost nowhere else in the East Alps are so many high peaks accessed as easily as here. Every day the tour will go to an other mountain refuge in the Ortler area. Varieties guaranteed. Great panoramic view to the magnificent mountains of the Ortler region.



The Merano High Trekking Route - Alta Via di Merano - with Hotel Base

Date: 29 July – 04 August / 09 – 15 September

This Route follows the same intinerary like the original Alta Via di Merano, but it offers you the possibility to return back to Merano or surrounding villages every evening and to sleep always in the same accomodation. This may be usuful if you need some special food, or if you want so see your family or friends.




Link to our recommended accomodations




Cattinaccio - Scilar

3 days Trekking Tour trought the UNESCO World Heritage - Dolomites

Date: 18 – 21 July / 29 August – 01 September

An unforgettable adventure in the beautiful Dolomite Mountains

Wed.   Passo Carezza - Rifugio Paolina
Thu.   Passo Cigolade 2500 m - Rifugio Vajolett 2245 m - Torri Vajolett
Fri.   Rifugio - Passo Principe - Rifugio Scilar
Sat.   Rifugio Scilar - Monte Pez 2568 m - Alpe di Siusi - Passo Carezza





Ultner Höhenweg - Val d'Ultimo trekking

Date: 12 - 18 August

A real jewel among the valleys of South Tyrol with its age-old but well looked-after farm-houses and its lived tradition – that is the Ultental. Along old paths we experience this unique landscape high above the narrow valley. This special trekking tour projected by Meralpin with wide views is led by guides with excellent knowledge of the place. Transfers during the week are executed by our Meranalpin bus, which also serves as depot for the luggage.

Sun.   Meeting at the inn Kirchsteiger at St. Walburg, Ultental, supper and short information of the trekking week.
Mon.   Lana - Vigiljoch - Rauhbühel – Stafleralm – St. Helena
Transfer to cable car of Vigiljoch at Lana at 8.45 h. A bag with extra underwear can be left in the bus. Ascent by cable car followed by a nice walk to the tavern Jocher. Ascent along broad paths up to the Rauhbühel 2727 m. From there starts the wonderful Panorama path, which leads us along the timber line crossing flourishing alpine pastures, past the Stafleralm 1866 m into the Ultental. Underneath the Naturnser Hochwart we descend to the Falkomaital walking out of the valley by passing the Mariolbergalm 1661 m to the Helener Bichl 1532 m, our today`s destination, the tavern St. Helena.
Walking time ca. 6,5 hs, ascent 850 m, descent 740 m, 13,5 km
Tues.   Peilstein 2542 m – Marschnellalm – Kuppelwies
From St. Helena we ascend up to the Innere Falkomaialm 2051 m by passing through the woody ridge of the Ortler Hühnerspiel 2020 m. Over alpine pastures the track leads on to the look-out peak of the Peilstein 2542 m with its impressing view over the Ultental. Short descent to the Marschnellalm 2212 m and along a panorama track to the Riemerbergalm 2049 m. Descent through the forest to the farmhouse Simian 1752 m, where the Alpinbus waits for us to take us to Kuppelwies.
Walking time ca. 6 – 7 hs, ascent 1150 m, descent 990 m, 13 km
Wed.   Schwemmalm - Schusterhütte - Höchsterhütte 2561 m
The cable car spares us the first ascent to the Schwemmalm 2147 m. Along a pleasant path without challenging slopes through clear larch forests we reach the charmingly situated rustic Schusterhütte 2308 m. Walking on we pass through the Flaschberg- and Tufertal and thus we have already reached the Stilfser Joch National Park, always following the timber line up to the Weissbrunnsee 2000 m. Now begins the steeper part of the ascent to the Grünsee with its Höchsterhütte 2561 m exactly beneath the Eggenspitze, still a glacier.
Walking time ca. 6 – 7 hs, ascent 1160 m, descent 760 m, 19 km
Thurs.   Seenrunde – Gleckspitze 2957 m – Haselgruberhütte
After having passsed the dam our way leads us over a track formed by ledges of rock to the lakes, which are situated in the alpine terrain where the river Falschauer has its source. Passing the Langsee, Schwarzsee and Pludersee we can watch Haflinger horses and sheep grazing on the upland moor on our way to the Gleckspitze 2957 m. The decent to the Haselgruberhütte 2425 m at the Rabijoch leads us past many small lakes and is far less challenging.
Walking time ca. 4 – 5 hs, ascent 600 m, descent 710 m, 9 km
Fri.   Seefeldalm – Klapfbergtal - St. Nikolaus
Descent to the Bärhappalm and along a mountain slope below the Karspitze to Seefeldalm and Innere Alplaneralm 2245 m. An ascent of 250 m takes us to the passage leading to Klapfbergtal, where we enjoy the last view far over the Ultental. Passing alpine meadows we descend to Londaialm where we stay for lunch before we walk on through Klopfbergtal to the Ultner Höfeweg. We pass old farmhouses up to the cable car station where again the bus waits for us. The night we spend in the hut Kirchsteiger at St. Walburg.
Walking time ca. 5 – 6 hs, ascent 550 m , descent 1600 m
Sat.   Return journey





Catinaccio - Marmolada / UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

througt King Laurins kingdom to the Queen of the Dolomites

Date: 05 - 11 August

This is a awesome hike for everyone who loves exploring the mountains from the Rosengarten the "pale mountains" to the Marmolada. The panoramic views of the surrounding peaks are spectacular. The Dolomites, with their famous peaks, including the Marmolada (3,342 m) which merits the title of “Queen of the Dolomites”, will take their rightful place among the most beautiful mountains in the world. The majestic rocks have strongly characterised the region and have made the Dolomites what they are today: a region of contrasts.

Sun.   Karerpass - Paolinahütte
Meeting point at 17.00 h at the cable car station at the Karerpass (parking place), ascent to the Paolinahütte 2125 m, lodging.
Mon.   Cigoladepass - Vajoletthütte
We use the Masare Panorama path, passing the Christomannos monument to the Rotwandhütte. From there the path rises slightly up to the Cigoladepass 2550 m. To reach the Vajolethütte 2250 m we walk below the east side of the steep rockwall of the Rosengarten.
Walking time ca. 3 – 4 hs, ascent 500 m, descent 460 m , 8 km
In the afternoon we walk to the Santnerpasshütte and the Vajolet towers, leaving our luggage behind.
Walking time ca. 2,5 hs, ascent 500 m, 3 km
Tues.   Vajoletthütte - Seiseralm
Past the east side of the Vajolet towers to the Grasleiten Pass 2599 m and after a short descent over a steep scree we ascend sharply to the Molignon Pass 2596 m. Shortly afterwards we reach by passing an alpine plateau the Tierser Alpl Hütte (descent secured by wire ropes). After a break we walk along a wonderful panorama path and ascend by passing blooming meadows to the Schlern Haus 2457 m where we stay over night.
Walking time 6 hs, ascent 900 m, descent 700 m, 11,5 km
Wed.   Schlern - Seiseralm - Plattkofelhütte
In the early morning we walk without luggage up the Monte Pez 2568 m, the highest point of the Schlern to admire there the sun rise. After breakfast follows the descent to the Seiser Alm by using the so called Tourist Path. The Seiser Alm is the largest alpine pasture of Europe. Over its meadows we ascend to the Plattkofel Hütte 2305 m, situated below the mountain of the same name.
Walking time ca. 5 – 6 hs, ascent 950 m, descent 1100 m, 16 km
Thurs.   Plattkofelhütte - Friedrich August Weg - Sellapass 2241 m - Boehütte
Using the fantastic panorama path, the so called Friedrich August Weg, we reach the Sella Pass 2241 m. Below the Piz Chiavazes we get to the bend 33 from where the trecking path leads through the Val Lasties to the alpine plateau of the Piz Boe. Lodging at the Boe Hütte 2871 m.
Walking time ca. 4 – 5 hs, ascent 350 m, descent 500 m
Fri.   Pordoipass – Bindelweg – Fedajasee
Along the Dolomite Höhenweg Nr. 2 we walk to the summit station of the cable car of Sass Pordoi. We descend by cable car to Pordoi Joch 2239 m and then follow the beautiful panorama path having permanently in view the queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada. We reach at last the Fedajasee, 2054 m. Return transfer to Karer Pass, lodging.
Walking time ca. 4 – 5 hs, ascent 350 m, descent 500 m
Sat.   journey home





Merano - Garda Lake

Date: 26 August – 01 September

We let the palms and castels of Merano behind us und walk trought the beautiful Ultental valley to the magnificent Brenta group with bizzarely towers and at last we will have a bath in the deep blue Garda Lake.

Sun.   Meeting point at the pension at Lana/Marling, tour information and supper.
Mon.   Weissbrunn 1900 m – Gleckspitze 2957 m – Dorigonihütte 2436 m
Start at 8.OO h by bus to the Ultental up to the Weissbrunnsee 1900 m. Pine – and larch forests accompanying us up to the upper Weissbrunnalm and on we ascend passing the Langsee to the Schwärzer Joch 2825 m up to the peak of the mountain Gleck 2957 m.Descent following a small path to the Dorogonihütte 2436 m.
Walking time ca. 5,5 hs, ascent 1000 m , descent 470 m, 10,5 km
Tues.   Dorigonihütte 2436 m - Tucketthütte 2268 m
We descend through the Saent Tal passing two beautiful waterfalls up to Malga Stablasolo. From there a transferbus takes us to the Rabbi Tal up to Madonna di Campiglio, from where we get to the Brenta group by the Croste cable car. Leaving the bustling Madonna di Campiglio we walk along a wonderful scenic path enjoying the splendid view to the Tucketthütte 2268 m. This hut is situated on a small plateau surrounded by rock towers.
Walking time ca. 4 hs, ascent 110 m, descent 1100 m, 10 km
Wed.   Tucketthütte 2268 m - Rifugio Alimonta 2580 m - Rifugio Pedrotti 2491 m
Today we wander through the heart of the Brenta group passing fantastic landscapes and rugged rock towers up to Rifugio Brentei.Here we have the possibility to do a short sidetrip to the Alimontahütte without luggage, ca. 1,15 h ascent. In the early afternoon ascent over the Restgletscher with some points secured by steel ropes to the Rifugio Tosa Pedrotti 2491 m.
Walking time ca. 6 hs, ascent 1000 m, descent 870 m
Thurs.   Rifugio Pedrotti 2491 m - Sentiero Palmieri - San Lorenzo di Banale 800 m
We leave the pittoresque Brenta group over the Forcolotta di Noghera Pass 2423 m at the Sentiero Palmieri where we again enjoy a marvellous view to reach the Rifugio Cacciatore. Using a gravel road, we finally reach the San Lorenzo in Banale, wonderfully situated on a high plateau where we stay over night in the hotel of the place ( there is the possibility to get there by taxi, ca. 11 km).
Walking time ca. 6 – 7 hs, ascent 320 m, descent 1990 m, 17,5 km
Fri.   San Lorenzo in Banale - Toblinosee - Garda Lake - Lana
Through clear forests we descend to the small and beautifully renovated settlement Molina. From there we follow the Via Vili, an old pilgrim path of Saint Vigilius, wchich leads along the precipitous canyon Limaro, high above the river Sarche, to Ranzo. Along a shadowy path through the Gola we reach the Lake of Toblino. Here the MeranAlpin Bus is waiting for us to take us to Riva. There we have the possibility to take a refreshing swim in the lake. The afternoon we spend at Riva enjoying the southern atmosphere of the beach promenade before we return back to Lana.
Walking time ca. 3,5 – 4 hs, ascent 300m, descent 800m, 14,5 km
Sat.   Journey back home





Alta Via delle Dolomiti

trought the UNESCO World Heritage - Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Date: 02 - 08 September

The High Route n.1 and 3 are dedicated to those who love alpine nature and enjoy a walk at a moderate altitude. It crosses the heart of the Dolomites in its central part, from Pusteria through the Dolomites well-known groups like the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Gruppo Fanes Grande to reach the famous Lagazoi and it ends at the Passo Falzarego.




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